Not all happy. Kwinana incinerator. Opinion

I ASSURE James Mumme, whose letter was published in last week’s edition, that not all residents of Gosnells are happy about the City signing up to supply the Kwinana incinerator.

It is another example that the City has lost its way when it comes to environmental sustainability objectives.

Communities around the planet have objected to these incinerators for good reason.

James notes the toxins emitted by these incinerators but then there is also the problem of Co2 emissions at a time when we are trying to reduce them.

Generating electricity via these incinerators creates a demand for “waste” and discourages much-needed efforts to conserve resources and reduce packaging and waste.

This is ever more relevant when local governments sign-up to ensure supply for 20 years. It is also likely that recycling and composting rates will drop as established incinerators demand increasing amounts of resource.

The mix of resources to be burnt in such an incinerator has a low energy value.

As a result, electricity generated by these incinerators has a very low conversion rate.

It’s hardly surprising ratepayers have to pay to send resources to be burnt and then again to purchase what power is generated.