Not feasible to re-home greyhounds instead of banning racing

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IT has been suggested that it would be better to rehome all the unwanted greyhounds rather than banning greyhound racing.

Given that the Australian greyhound industry kills 18,000 healthy dogs a year, this does not exactly sound feasible.

In just five years, 90,000 homes would need to be found.

Bringing in more inspectors has been suggested but even if owners are not breaking the law, life for racing greyhounds is no “bed of roses”.

I witnessed this when working in the backyard of a greyhound owner. In the corner of a gloomy, dirty shed, several greyhounds were confined in small cages.

When the owner brought them out for their twice daily “run” it was simply to relieve themselves.

Three minutes later, they were returned to their sunless prison.

I applaud Premier Baird for his ethical decision and sincerely hope other state premiers follow his compassionate lead.

JENNY MOXHAM, Monbulk, Victoria.