Opinion: Ken Wyatt apologises for automatic email reply

Ken Wyatt.
Ken Wyatt.

I would like to thank Mr Campbell (Address this rort, May 9) for his comments.

Please accept my sincere apology if any offence has been taken to my automatic reply email.

I receive a very high volume of emails daily and this response is designed to assure the sender their correspondence has been received and that either my office or I will be in contact as soon as possible.

I have a very hard working, yet small, local team in my Forrestfield electorate office that assists me in addressing each constituent’s requests and concerns in the order that they are received.

The exception is where the constituent requires urgent, immediate assistance.

A large portion of emails that come through my inbox are automatically generated email campaigns, which are sent in bulk from people across the country and indeed the world.

More often than not, those who sign up to campaigns on the internet do not even know they have generated an email to be sent to my inbox.

As a result of this, I state in my automatic reply that due to the high volume of these emails I receive, an individual response to each cannot be actioned.

In order to give priority to the people of Hasluck, I request in my automatic reply that those who wish to receive an individual response to an automatically generated campaign email, should send their concerns directly to me via their own email address (not a generic campaign email address) with their Hasluck residential address.

I note before the opinion article was published, my team had been assisting Mr Campbell with his initial inquiry.

I would like to thank Mr Campbell for bringing this to my attention and hope my team and I can be of further assistance in future.


Hasluck MHR