Opinion: Sharks’ lives matter too

Yup, their lives matter too.
Yup, their lives matter too.

I GET annoyed when I hear people say, “Human lives are more important”.

Hang on, that is the most biased statement.

It is made only because we are humans, isn’t it.

But every life to its owner is important.

If you asked the shark, he would say, ‘I am’.

Then somebody said, “That is our lifestyle”, going surfing or swimming, I guess.

Here again, it is wrong.

We are land-living critters. That is why we build houses, railways, stadiums etc on land.

The shark is only a sea creature and has no choice.

He does not invade our space on land.

Why isn’t a study made of the months sharks are around WA?

They come in when shoals of salmon and other fish come close.

Then huge signs could be placed, warning us stupid humans.

I say this because for all the warnings, idiots will go into the sea.

What of the people dying because of drunk-drivers and also the king-hitters (one punch), every couple of days someone dies at their hands.

Are we to say, kill males between 18 and 30?


Queens Park.