Opinion: Wyatt address demand another hurdle for residents

Ken Wyatt.
Ken Wyatt.

KEN Wyatt, Federal Member for Hasluck, quite recently installed a new hurdle of a demand that each emailer state a residential address.

But Mr Wyatt is refusing to clarify whether each emailer must do this only once or whether the demand applies to each and every email.

The mind boggles as to how he might verify the veracity of the submissions and whether he’ll become too bogged down in trying to detect any rorting of his system.

Perhaps it means that he’ll cease representing those people who are too young to be on the electoral rolls.

Some politicians have already brought in demands that new people must present significant identity documentation just to get on the electoral rolls and then must surrender identity information in order to have the Australian Electoral Commission acknowledge any changes of addresses.

Perhaps it is the aim of the Liberals to force each constituent to yield 100 points of identification each time he or she tries to approach a politician and then force people to refrain from changing addresses.

Alf Campbell,