Araluen resident commends those who present the parks and gardens in the City of Armadale

IT gives me great pleasure to concur fully with the comments expressed by Gil Deane in last week’s paper regarding Minnawarra Park.

Armadale council should be justifiably proud of it and the other areas of garden within the town precincts.

When we moved to this locality, from the western suburbs, there were those we left in that area who would have been quite disparaging of our decision to do so.

While there are people in those communities who adopt a lofty stance, they would do well to visit Armadale and see precisely how a municipal park should be.

Armadale should be doubly proud because it manages to keep the gardens looking pristine even though there are, unfortunately, some among us who do not value this aspect of our environment and abuse it from time to time.

Therefore, those responsible for presenting the attractive well-cared-for parks and gardens should be aware that most Armadale citizens prize the tremendous work they do.