Patient’s Praise to Fiona Stanley Hospital Staff

I THANK the doctors and staff at Armadale Health Campus for the way I was treated on Saturday, December 12.

I received the very best attention.

I also offer my sincere thanks to all the staff at Fiona Stanley Hospital to which I was transferred.

In the past, some negative media has been posted in your direction. I can only comment on my experience of the excellence of the doctors and nurses.

To the Serco staff, you were friendly and polite to all those you attended. You are doing a great job. Keep up the good work, even though there is great demand for your services.

To the catering section, your food is tasty, beautifully presented and always hot. Well done.

I actually looked forward to my meals in hospital.

Finally, the Fiona Stanley staff showed how all ethnic groups could work in a happy communal way.

I only wish this environment existed everywhere. Thank you all.