Peace to all

I am a middle-class, sixth-generation white-bred Aussie of the younger educated generation where faith is a gift I am yet to receive.

Scientific research has shown brain scans of people having a religious experience (praying or attending church) trigger the same parts of the brain as do many other addictive activities.

So as bizarre as practising faith seems to me, I understand the attraction.

The average Joe is oblivious to the ‘erroneous and incorrect’ information peddled by the modern Christian movement, such as the misrepresentation of Jesus as a light-skinned, blue-eyed person who was born on December 25.

This was the date of the pagan festival of Mithra and the winter solstice.

I believe if Jesus did exist, he was basically a good dude whose advice was to work together and respect each other.

Peace be to you all, Assalamu alaikum, respect to Jesus, praise to Allah and be thankful to our Mother Earth.