Pedestrian peril in Gosnells

WHILE on a walk at about 5.30am on Friday, June 5, I came across a double-cab utility with a towbar protruding about halfway across the pedestrian walkway, forcing me to walk around it.

Little did I know that the idiot who parked this vehicle had aluminium bars protruding almost all the way across the pedestrian walkway at eye level.

There was no flag or any kind of indication that lethal, barely visible projections were lurking in the mist ready to impale anybody unfortunate enough to walk that way.

In my preoccupation with negotiating the towbar, I walked into the bars, splitting my head open.

My right eye missed being impaled by about 150mm.

There is a lot of publicity nowadays about cyclists and their road rights.

Unfortunately, a majority of motorists treat pedestrians with utter contempt.