Real gentleman

As such, retailers have had to employ blanket security measures to try to curb losses suffered. One such measure is to request a bag search of bags larger than standard handbag size at the point of leaving the premises.

Last week I found myself requesting a bag check on a young couple leaving a Kelmscott chemist shop. My request was acceded to, but coupled with an accusation of being racist.

I endeavour, as do all the staff, to check all large bags, as per the notices posted in store, regardless of the owner’s nationality.

Thinking nothing more of it, what ensued has left its mark. The following day the young man of the couple approached me in the shop and apologised wholeheartedly for raising his voice to me and for calling me a racist.

He was genuine, sincere and remorseful and I was extremely glad to be the recipient. This young man deserves to be recognised.

Thank you to the gentleman concerned: I see you as a credit to your upbringing and your culture.