Real issues

IN response to the editorial in the August 11 edition headlined �Big issues need strong leadership�, so wind turbines (among other things) are a �highly emotive topic� that has no impact on the average Aussie, and we need to tackle the �big issues�.

What, climate change is not a big issue?

Pollution caused by burning coal, and the health problems associated with it is not a big issue?

Throw in the spiralling cost of electricity made by burning fossil fuels, and it is a very big deal indeed.

You say we should tackle job creation. The coal industry doesn’t employ many people, doesn’t pay much tax, but does receive billions of dollars in taxpayer-funded subsidies from state and federal governments. The renewable energy industry, on the other hand, could create many new jobs if it wasn’t hampered by the present Government.

Focusing on climate change and renewable energy – e.g. wind turbines – is not a �distraction�, but should be a priority.

According to a number of polls, a large percentage of Australians already think it is.

JULIE WOODMAN, Roleystone.