Reserve belonged to all

IN the report headlined ‘Stumped by clearing’ (Comment News, April 16 ) our mayor, Henry Zelones, said ‘the privately owned land, zoned residential, was subject to a development application’.

This is correct, but what was not mentioned by the mayor or in the article was that a short time ago this land was not privately owned and zoned residential.

It was a City of Armadale reserve that was enjoyed by all who lived in the local area. Many groups of local children have over the years played among the wandoo trees on the reserve.

For most of the local residents such as Mr Seabrook it was a beautiful natural reserve that was ‘part of our daily landscape’.

Perhaps in future there ought to be some community consultation prior to the City making a decision to sell a reserve.

Letters indicating the City’s intentions could be sent to surrounding homes as is the procedure for tree preservation orders.

Should the reserve or the trees have any significance or ‘intrinsic value’, local people could then have some input. They are the ones affected by these decisions made by the City.

A local person who appreciated the trees and had knowledge of their species could then have had an opportunity to recommend that, should the City decide to sell the reserve and a development application be issued, it is under the condition that some of trees be retained.

Marg Broere, Kelmscott