Revel in diversity

SURELY, the basis of multiculturalism is to celebrate our diversity through inclusion, tolerance and understanding.

Therefore, the crazy political (in) correctness that saw Christmas banned from schools needs to be overturned.

To understand the meaning of Hark! The Herald Angels Sing bringing peace and goodwill to all men is an important part of our culture and needs to be explored in our schools.

Is it any wonder that Muslim youth feel marginalised when they are not allowed to talk about their culture in schools?

Why not introduce a fasting day in schools to explain Ramadan? It certainly would not hurt our overweight children to give up lunch one day a year and for schools to use the day as a fundraiser for refugees.

We should be explaining and celebrating the Jewish Passover; the Jews were history’s first refugees as they fled from persecution in Egypt. Let us include Visakah Puja, Buddha’s birthday and the Hindu festival of Diwali, celebrating the victory of good over evil.

Let us not forget the dreamtime stories that explain our indigenous peoples’ beliefs.

For completeness, we should have an agnostics’ day to explain that some of us believe that all religions are merely cultural myths.

COLIN HUGHES, Greenmount.