Risks shocking

This chemical has been banned in the United States and many other countries since 2001 for posing shocking public health risks.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency risk assessment states: ‘Acute and chronic dietary risk assessments for food and drinking water exceed the agency’s level of concern for the general US population and all population sub-groups, including infants and children.’

It beggars belief that this chemical was ever approved for use in the first place.

The manufacturer Bayer voluntarily withdrew fenthion from the US market in 2001. Has Australia become a dumping ground for these dangerous chemicals that no one else wants to use?

Hills fruit growers are defending the indefensible and the media space they were given recently without any right of reply to defend our children’s health was disgraceful.

It’s not as if they weren’t warned of this decision or offered alternatives.

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Authority has made the right decision, although 12 years too late.

How easily has our children’s health been sold out. This summer, be sure to give your children organic fruit and keep them safe.