Road to nowhere: Roe 8. Opinion

ROE 8 is part of the Perth Freight Link and it is a crazy idea. To begin with, it does not even reach the port of Fremantle.

What will emerge from the Roe 8 project is a big waste of money. More trucks mean more traffic congestion. At least the Yellow Brick Road led Dorothy, the Tin Man and the Lion to the Wizard of Oz.

Roe 8 is a toll road to nowhere. Moreover, it will be driven through the heart of the Beeliar Wetlands, snuffing out the ecology there.

It appears that the Roe 8 project is a sort of “private” matter as it has been shrouded in secrecy. The Liberals have been wasting taxpayers’ money on misleading advertising in attempts to win public support.

This is not a solution to the problem at hand.

A bright light for the Liberals is a second port at Kwinana and increased rail freight. However, the Barnett Government has cancelled orders for trains that are definitely needed and spends a fortune on a totally unnecessary freight link.

Gerald Jeevaratnam,