Selfish smokers

I don’t understand why the No Smoking signs were made and placed clearly to be seen, if no action is ever taken to prosecute those who break the rules.

In the past two weeks I have had to go to the hospital to visit two people, and have had to walk past losers polluting the air. I wouldn’t want to be sitting outside for fresh air, as there are always selfish smokers outside.

Maybe their pensions should be managed so they can’t waste money on unhealthy cigarettes.

While I’m in a griping mood, the Kelmscott Show is on next month, October 17-18.

A warning to selfish car drivers who park on the footpath along Clifton Street: we call the after-hours Ranger to issue fines to the offending car drivers, as they are endangering the lives of pedestrians who are forced to go onto the road to get around the cars.