Set new rules to plug loopholes

It seems the rules are so fluid that there is an enticement to look for loopholes to make sure that an activity likely fits into the entitlement ruling.

This practice has been going on for years and politicians past and present could all be tarred with the same brush.

The many unemployed and people claiming benefits from the welfare system are damned for abusing the system.

However, what is the difference?

It is obvious the people (State and Federal) empowered by the voters to run this great nation are incapable of setting an acceptable set of rules and standards covering their own actions.

The same goes for changes to electoral rules ” the two main parties collude to make sure any changes benefit the party system.

Enough is enough, tribunals and parliamentary rules are not the answer.

The people need a voice to sort out this outrageous behaviour. There are 14.7 million voters and probably less than a paid up 100,000 members of the main parties.

I think it is time that the Governor-General and the State and Territory Governors were given the task of consulting with the public at large to come up with an acceptable set of employment conditions and democratic processes.

These rules could be put to the public by way of a referendum.