Shire work vital

THE reported toxic state of the Peel-Harvey estuary reinforces the Serpentine Jarrahdale community’s opposition to the planned forced amalgamation of Serpentine Jarrahdale with Armadale.

The ‘overlapping jurisdictions and fragmented administration’ quoted seriously inhibits monitoring of the estuary. This makes a convincing argument to leave Serpentine Jarrahdale alone and strengthen the bonds between the five Peel councils.

The entire shire drains into the Peel-Harvey estuary, via the Serpentine River and is an intrinsic part of this important system.

The move to amalgamate Serpentine Jarrahdale with Armadale contradicts existing recognition by both Federal and State Government departments that the shire is an important part of the Peel. The anticipated rise in population of the shire to around 150,000 people concentrated in urban centres of Byford, Whitby and Mundijong makes monitoring of water use and management of drainage and leachates from these areas vital to the precarious health of the Peel- Harvey estuary.

To date, the shire has managed its urban areas well and has international awards for the work. It is vital this continues.

Margaret Cala, Karrakup