Shopping centre theft shocks

I had my handbag in the trolley and most of the time was leaning over it. However, when I got to the register to pay, to my utter devastation my purse was gone; it had been stolen.

The girl from the front desk said such thefts had been a regular thing of late, which did not make me feel any better.

I was so upset by what had happened that I was in shock. I know I wasn’t bashed or mugged but being nearly 60 in all my life I had never been robbed like this before.

I went to the bank in Gosnells to cancel cards and so forth. I got home to call to cancel my licence when the store rang to say staff had found my purse.

All the cards were in it and the thieves had just taken the loose change, which was a little over $20.

Now I am terrified that the thieves have my address and if they do come here, I would never be able to defend myself in my condition.

I am angry at the store for not at least warning people that there has been a spate of thefts and not placing a sign at the entrance asking people to hold their bags close.

Therefore, I warn people to take care and be aware at all times. These thieves use children as a distraction to get what they want ” your cash.

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