Spend, Spend, Spend: Mr Barnett

I REALLY have to ask: do our pollies really believe the public is so stupid that we cannot see that the whole system is designed to keep them in clover?

Take Mr Barnett: he tells us the reason for the black hole is WA’s unfair GST share.

However, he knew that we get the smallest portion of the GST yet that did not stop him spending and continuing to spend as the price of iron fell.

He is spending money he has not got or had but if you or I did that and said we needed to have a high income, we would be laughed at and accused of not budgeting.

It seems he is now going to cut funding to hospitals, transport and so forth but you notice that the pollies’ perks have not been touched.

The real kicker is when he is shown the door at the next election the poor sod coming in has to sort out the problem.

We need a change in people’s attitude to say the politicians serve us.

Try “what can I do for my country” and less of “what can my country do for me”.


Seville Grove.