Stop complaining

As I read on, I realised I was wrong. It is a younger, sour, lonely person with no joy in life.

I cannot believe how many people in this country have only one mission in life, which is complaining.

They will find some ’cause’ or ‘issue’ about which to voice their ‘concerns’.

Instead of constantly complaining, get up and do something positive that has a positive impact on the community or someone’s life.

Moreover, please, don’t do it where the sun shines on you, but rather where you and the beneficiary are the only persons who knows about it.

Don’t wait for a pat on the back; you will receive your reward at a later stage.

Someone or something irritates us all but we have learnt to co-exist without pointing fingers and whining.

Remember, for every pointed finger, there are three more pointing right back at you.