Strange move

I READ the report on August 13 about eye surgery moving to Bentley Hospital and that 64 eye procedures had been carried out at Armadale Kelmscott Memorial Hospital in the last financial year, which is just over five per month.

Kim Hames claims that moving the eye surgery will shorten waiting lists and theatre times. How the move will help eludes me.

He shows he’s really on the ball by claiming that AKMH has a limited number of theatres and they can only work for a certain amount of time. Hello? How does this differ from any other hospital?

I don’t think the move is justified and I think if a survey was conducted, it would be found that neither patients nor doctors are happy with this situation.

I would add that my wife is waiting for an eye operation and was told a six-month waiting period would apply. Bentley Hospital has now advised she will be waiting 12 months. Such is progress.

Alan Moody, Seville Grove