Canning Vale resident calls for better treatment of wetlands.

I am a community wetlands in Canning Vale. I am home to many species of wildlife including blue wrens and bandicoots.

At this time of year, I am also home to many species of baby water birds.

I provide a home to all these birds and animals and provide a beautiful environment for residents nearby to ride their bikes or go for walks.

I supply cleaner, healthier air to the residents around me as my trees absorb carbon dioxide and other harmful gases.

I add value to your house and surrounding properties because most people find it a pleasure to live near me.

I am not a community rubbish dump for all your cigarette packets and broken beer bottles. I am not a repository for all of your dogs’ excrement.

I am not a place for your cats to go to whenever they fancy a free feed on a bandicoot or baby bird.

Treat me with respect and I will be there for you, your family and friends to enjoy for many years to come. Do not respect me and all my wildlife will die.

You will have nowhere beautiful to take your children or their children for rides or walks and your property values will plummet because, trust me, no one wants to live near a rubbish tip.

Your choice…