Tell ATO of Suspicious Calls

IN response to the Editorial in the February issue 9 warning about scams, are these calls designed to keep us Senior Citizens on our toes?

Recently we had a similar incident. The lengthy message was left on our answering machine. The voice suggested the caller was an Asian male who spoke good English. Towards the end of the message, we were told to call an 02 area number.

Shortly after listening to the message, I phoned the ATO [there are two numbers 1800 060 062 and 1800 199 010] and gave details of the message and the phone number. The ATO staff said the information would be passed to the ATO’s investigators for follow-up.

Later that afternoon, we received another call from the same Asian male ranting on as to why we had not responded.

It appeared that the call was being monitored because another voice interrupted him and cut off the call.

I suggest that reporting these calls directly to the ATO is more effective as it avoids going through a third party who then has to inform the ATO.

Name and address supplied.