That’s fine, but …

IT is great to see the works being undertaken for the upgrade of Mills Park, Beckenham.

Who was asked for their opinion during the consultation process? I know I was never asked as a local resident.

We now have new sporting facilities (it was about time for their upgrade) that for some reason were placed on the opposite side to their original position.

This meant ripping up the existing carparks and change rooms and installing a new one on the opposite side of the field.

That is fine until you have to stare into the sun to watch the game. Limited seating and shade seem to be the norm.

The facility closest to Roe Highway will change how people will view the games. The old style of watching the game sitting in your car or on the bonnet (which could park close to the game) has gone.

It will be interesting to see how the soccer pitch will be used, also with limited seating.

Skate park, brilliant; but where are the facilities (barbecues, shaded areas, one seat for carers) so all the family can have a relaxing day.

The old playground area used to have these and they were used quite often.

The mulched area between the footpath and the road is now the convenient carpark.

It is great to have all this green space but it is not much use if no one wants to use them because the facilities are poorly placed or lacking.

GREG WILTON, Beckenham.