Tough times for young and old

Since the Budget was released, I have been told that the pension and benefits my husband and I receive will be ‘indexed at a lower level’.

This means that we will have to manage on less money, while costs are rising because Mr Abbott is also removing the funding to the states for water and power concessions.

On top of that, we will have to pay a GP tax to visit the doctor and pay more for any prescriptions.

It’s not just those of us who have had work in the past.

Young people are to be punished for not finding work in an environment where there are actually fewer jobs available, thanks to the lack of support by Mr Abbott’s government for new industries, schools and Tafe colleges for further training.

It’s hard enough now for older workers to find work.

I would like to ask Mr Abbott and Mr Wyatt, our local member, what hope do these young people have of finding work, when those of us who are already closer to 70 cannot find jobs to help stretch our finances a little further?