Travel costly

FURTHER to Alan Moody’s letter in the August 27 edition concerning cuts to eye surgery at Armadale hospital, my main beef with these cuts is that Armadale residents such as my wife and I have to travel to and from either Bentley or Osborne Park by taxi twice.

Why taxi? Because public transport would not get me there by 6.30am and my wife is blind so she can’t take me, and I won’t be able to drive home after the operations.

Why twice? Because I need surgery on both eyes and they will only do one at a time in case of complications.

I have managed to get operation dates this month and in October at Osborne Park hospital after being told of long waiting lists at Bentley (denied in a letter from the Minister for Health).

I asked the minister if he would make a financial contribution to help with the cost of transport as he maintains a house in Perth as well as one in Mandurah and gets a generous allowance to stay at the Perth residence (he also gets a government car).

He ignored this request.

David Wylie,