Why clever?

We have a voting system that allows parties that cannot raise enough votes in their own right to be elected by some convoluted means.

The country goes to the polls after listening to all the promises and elects the next Government based on the peoples’ choice on what the people wish. Then the outgoing party immediately refuses to accept the motions put forward by the Government on behalf of the people.

Now we have a country screaming that we monitored/spied on them so they have implemented restrictions.

They’re not going to help control boat people, but they never did in the first place. In addition, they’re not going to play war games with our troops. That’s not our loss.

They’re also going to restrict trade; so we get the cheap rubbish somewhere else.

However, I bet they don’t stop taking our aid.

The Opposition and minor parties blame our present Government, but it occurred during Labor’s term.

It really is a laugh to watch or read the news these days to hear how our politicians take our lives, hopes and future and turn them into a morass of self-indulgent ploys.