High school changes nigh

Education Minister Peter Collier has invited Armadale residents to complete an online survey on the Education Department’s website, which asks for feedback on the secondary schooling options currently available.

The survey is part of a community consultation process as the State Government looks for ways to ‘revamp classroom education and technical training’ for students, Mr Collier said.

‘The community consultation is a genuine attempt to assess the needs and desires of parents of school age children in the Armadale area, he said.

Last year Armadale and Fremantle were flagged as two areas where there was a strong case for closing and amalgamating schools.

There has since been ongoing speculation that Armadale Senior High School and Cecil Andrews Senior High School would amalgamate.

Cecil Andrews Senior High School has the capacity for 950 students, but only 404 students are currently enrolled at the school in years 8 to 12.

Armadale Senior High School has capacity for 915 student, but 618 students are currently enrolled in years 8 to 12.

Mr Collier said it was pre-emptive to speculate.

‘No decisions have been made about changes to schooling in the area. Those decisions will not be made until the consultation is complete, ‘ he said.

‘Last year I flagged that I wanted to make education more dynamic in the Armadale area and this process will look at whether the way we are delivering secondary education is most effective, or if we can do better for students in this area.’

Mr Collier said students needed the opportunity to study a broad range of subjects and have access to pastoral care programs and support services.

While a spokesman for the minister wouldn’t elaborate on what would be done to achieve this, he did mention that making local schools more attractive could be an option.

Three of Fremantle’s four state secondary schools have recently undergone a similar consultation process because of declining roll numbers.

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