Boomerangs fly high in competition


Some travelled over 200 metres and then came straight back to where they were thrown from.

The Australian Boomerang Championships were held at Bob Blackburn Oval over the weekend, attracting the country’s best boomerang throwers and a few of the world’s best.

They came to compete in seven contests: accuracy of return, Aussie round, trick catch, maximum time aloft, fast catch, long distance and endurance.

Back to defend his title was two-time Australian champion Grant Perry, from Canning Vale.

Boomerang throwing is now a high-tech sport using materials such as carbon fibre and featuring radical designs with flaps of duct tape and drilled holes for wind resistance.

The modern boomerang is carefully designed with precision air foils and lift is provided by three or four wings rather than just two.

World championships are held every second year and feature throwers from most continents in the world.

Competitors included world champion Manuel Schultz and two-time Australian champion Perry, along with many others.