Throwaway success for the third time

Perry claimed the national title for the third time after a highly successfully day at the Australian Boomerang Championships, held at Bob Blackburn Oval in Seville Grove, on Sunday, April 6.

Over 20 competitors, including 10 international throwers, came to compete in seven contests: accuracy of return, Aussie round, trick catch, maximum time aloft, fast catch, long distance and endurance.

Grant’s dad Roger Perry, who was also competing, said there were some ‘very good throwers’ and the competition was close.

‘It was a really nice day, the conditions were still in the morning and then it became windy later on, so the competitors got a bit of everything,’ he said.

‘Grant did really well, especially in maximum time aloft event, where he managed to keep the boomerang in the air for about 59 seconds.

Boomerang throwing is now a high-tech sport using materials such as carbon fibre and featuring radical designs with flaps of duct tape and drilled holes for wind resistance.