Carol’s Zulu Kitchen, Sandy Beach Reserve from 7am everyday

Caroline Ndlovu in her Carol’s Zulu Kitchen van.
Caroline Ndlovu in her Carol’s Zulu Kitchen van.

AFTER copping abuse as a security guard, Caroline Ndlovu knew it was time for a career change.

She already had her own cleaning business and worked as a telemarketer and in the hospitality industry, but wanted to pursue yet another venture: a food van.

Mrs Ndlovu, who moved to Perth from South Africa in 2012, bought a van and fixed it up to create Carol’s Zulu Kitchen, which she parks at the Sandy Beach Reserve car park seven days a week from 7am for dog walkers to pick up refreshments.

“I worked in security before and I was abused in the shopping centre,” she said.

“Then before that I had a cleaning business but I was unable to do the big job of commercial cleaning so I did domestic cleaning, but eventually some people did not want to pay for the service.

“I said to my partner that I wanted to do a food van. I worked in a restaurant in South Africa.

“I love to talk to people.”

She said the van’s tea and biscuits were South African.