State Government may buy Bassendean Hotel land

PLANNING Minister John Day said the State Government might consider purchasing the land that The Bassendean Hotel is on.

Lots 5 and 6 Old Perth Road, which house the hotel and the car park next to it, have been on the market for more than two months.

Bassendean MLA Dave Kelly has campaigned the State Government to purchase it to ensure the car park space is developed sooner rather than later.

After Mr Kelly sent a letter to Premier Colin Barnett urging him to consider the opportunity, Mr Barnett responded this month.

“LandCorp has undertaken a high level assessment of the site and is currently not considering a purchase of the property at this stage,” he said.

“The Housing Authority advises that it is not pursuing the acquisition of this site as it is not within the Housing Authority’s current funding properties.

“However the Housing Authority is supportive of the redevelopment.”

Mr Day said last week that the State Government may step in.

“The Bassendean hotel site and the site next to it is privately owned and is on the market so we would hope that some interested developer comes along and actually undertakes an appropriate presumably residential development on the site,” he said.

“If nothing ultimately happens then perhaps we might get involved as a government on that site.”