Chef Sophie Budd puts lamingtons on the menu this Australia Day

Sophie Budd with her Lamingtons Picture: Matt Jelonek   d490073
Sophie Budd with her Lamingtons Picture: Matt Jelonek d490073

WITH Australia Day upon us, we spent five-minutes with former Cornwall and Jamie Oliver-trained chef Sophie Budd to chat everything Australia Day.

The Mt Lawley-based chef, who now now calls Australia home and runs Taste Budds Cooking Studio, shares her lamington recipe below.

Five Minutes with Sophie Budd

How will you be celebrating Australia Day?
I’ll be having a party at home and it’s my housemate’s birthday too.

Does tomato sauce belong in the cupboard or in the fridge?
In the fridge, it ferments in the cupboard. Tomato Ketchup – Heinz and sweet chilli sauce, and Kewpie mayo are my faves – I love sauces!

Do you think it is un-Australian to hate vegemite?
I prefer Vegemite to Marmite – don’t tell the Poms!

What should every Australian eat on Australia Day?
Sausages, I love sausages!

Sophie Budd’s Lamington recipe



8 eggs

250 g sugar

1 x tsp vanilla extract

250 g plain flour, sifted twice

30 g unsalted butter

400 g shredded coconut


600g dark chocolate, at least 70 per cent cocoa

300 ml local cream


Turn your oven on to 190c

Put the eggs, vanilla and sugar in to a bowl over a Bain-mMarie (a pot that sits under the bowl, with just a few inches of water on, simmering, the water shouldn’t touch the bottom of the bowl)

Whisk for 10 minutes to start cooking the egg and thicken the mix

Transfer to an electric mixer and beat until it at least doubles in size, then spoon by spoon, slowly add the sifted flour, keeping the mixer on a medium speed

Dribble in the melted butter until well combined

Spray your square pan with oil and add baking paper

Pour mix in, bake for about 15-20 minutes, until cooked

Leave to rest

Tip on to a board, then cut the sponge into 5cm squares, make sure you trim off the crusty outsides and nibble them

Warm the chocolate and cream in a pan gently until thick and combined

Dip the sponge in the chocolate, best to use a few forks, then roll in coconut, lay on a tray to cool, maybe in the fridge if it’s really hot.

Enjoy and lick your fingers