Entries open for the fifth Big Bethanie Bake-Off

Chris How judging at the Big Bethanie Bake-Off
2017 winners Oscar Hawks, Priya Bielawski, Linda Millington.
Chris How judging at the Big Bethanie Bake-Off 2017 winners Oscar Hawks, Priya Bielawski, Linda Millington.

COOKING has always been an integral part of Chris How’s family life.

“I still have memories of coming in from playing outside all day on a Saturday to the smell of freshly baked jam drop cookies,” the Bethanie chief executive said.

“These sorts of memories are what we are creating through our Big Bethanie Bake-Off competition.

“We want people to have these warm fuzzy feelings that food stimulates about their family and the social interaction that comes with it.”

Mr How said the Big Bethanie Bake-Off was started five years ago to engage, give back to the community and close the intergenerational gap.

Entrants must submit their family recipes online in the hope of being selected as one of eight finalists to compete for prizes in the live bake-off on November 14 at Have-a-Go Day, a LiveLighter event at Burswood Park.

Seniors are asked to share their favourite recipe, or their parent or grandparent’s favourite recipe, along with the story behind the recipe.

School-aged children are asked to research their grandparent’s background and discover their family favourite recipe.

“We ask juniors and seniors to enter and they compete against each other,” Mr How said.

“So if you or your mum/dad or your grandparent has a special recipe that has been passed down the family, get them to enter. The Big Bethanie Bake-Off allows the legacy to continue.”

Mr How said the annual event was a chance to try your hand at a cooking competition at a grass roots, community level.

“It’s also an excellent way for kids to gain experience and extra confidence and if they are a budding chef to partake in a real live competition,” he said.

“For seniors, it provides an opportunity to try something different and above all to have lots of fun.

“Many of the finalists are nervous at first but when they get into their cooking on stage, you can see that passion rise above the nerves and their confidence excel.

“I’ve also been lucky enough to be a judge each year, so I would have to say being a master taste tester at the Big Bethanie Bake Off isn’t too bad a job either.”

Entries close 5pm on October 8 at www.bigbethaniebakeoff.com.