Alfresco winter styling this season

Enjoy a glorious fire pit in winter.
Enjoy a glorious fire pit in winter.

WINTER is here but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy time relaxing and entertaining in your great outdoors.

Perth Exterior Design Consultant Ascher Smith shares her top tips for staying on point with your alfresco winter styling this season.


What are your top 5 winter styling ideas for home gardens?

1. Outdoor hanging chairs:

Curl up with a cuppa in the winter sunshine. Drape a cowhide and pop some divine cushions on it for extra comfort and warmth.


2. Fire pit:

Relish the cooler nights by cosying up next to the fire pit on a clear winter night. Ideal for the casual bonfire or cooking up some smoked recipes.


3. Garden lighting:

Enjoy the garden year-round when you can see it at night.


4. Pool heating:

Imagine using it year-round.


5. Modern barn doors:

Custom design your own timber pattern. Hang it like a normal door or get a barn door slider to add character.


What colour schemes and furniture do you suggest?

I’m obsessed with mustards, soft blush and whites in winter.

The colours feel warm when mixed together as furnishings (or outfits).


What plants will be on trend?

You can’t go past hanging some Devils Ivy in a pot on a ledge or even a Philodendron Monstera to add some instant, low maintenance lush greenery to your indoors.