All Together Now a host of good times for Julia Zemiro

Ronan Keating and Julia Zemiro with the All Together Now 100.
Ronan Keating and Julia Zemiro with the All Together Now 100.

JULIA Zemiro delightfully dished her big wardrobe secret during duties hosting Channel 7’s new singing television show All Together Now, which features a six-level scaffold to hold the 100 singers and industry professionals on the judging panel.

“I’d be on stage one minute in these really high heels welcoming people to the show then I’d go backstage, kick them off and put on my flatties and run up and down those steps,” Zemiro said.

“You’ll see me, I’m so exhausted in some of those episodes but I did get more fit over the shoot.

“The only place we could film it in Sydney was at Fox Studios because we needed the height to build this incredible, and very safe, scaffold with six layers of judges and a complicated stair system.

“After the first run through, I told them I was going to need more signs and arrows telling me how to get to each row and judge.

“Two rows had the same entrance and exit and at the end of each row was a makeup artist ready to come in and touch up the 100.”

Zemiro, who has returned to her hometown of Sydney after living in Melbourne for a decade, said the program did without bitchy comments, long emotional contestant stories and a small panel of judges.

“Rather 100 judges are ready to buzz in and when they do, they join in singing,” Zemiro said.

“A lot of people can sing but we’re looking for an entertainer who doesn’t win a recording contract as a prize but gets cash to do with what they will to help further their career.

“And the beautiful Ronan Keating is our team captain in the middle of it all reminding the people what we want to see.”

Joining Keating in the 100 is everyone from Kylie impersonator Lucy Holmes, drag queen Minnie Cooper and boy band member Andrew De Silva, to pop star couple Jess and Matt, music theatre performer Amanda Harrison and industry icon Rhonda Burchmore.

Based on the UK series starring Geri Halliwell, All Together Now has a point of difference Zemiro could never resist joining in on.

“At the beginning of every show the whole 100 sing a song,” she said.

“Of course I sang too.”

All Together Now premieres 7pm, October 7.