Artist Alastair Taylor In No Particular Order

Alastair Taylor - In No Particular Order.
Alastair Taylor - In No Particular Order.

TRISH Juniper does not need to ask an artist twice when she suggests holding their exhibition at Darlington’s Juniper Galleries, home of her husband, the late and great artist Robert Juniper.

So when the question was put to fellow Dalry Road artist Alastair Taylor, he replied with solo exhibition In No Particular Order.

“As the title implies, the show has no theme as far as subject, concept or medium goes,” Taylor said.

“It comprises mostly paintings, but there are a couple of sculptures, several clocks, a tapestry, greetings cards and prints.

Alastair Taylor – In No Particular Order.

“I’m a bit of a flibbertigibbet where subject matter and medium changes all the time. I should probably focus on one thing, keep practising and get really good at, but it’s beyond me.

“Mind you, as I am lucky enough to be showing in the studio of the great Bob Juniper, who turned his hand to a great many things, I think I might get away with it.”

Taylor has won many art awards, including the Robert Juniper Landscape Prize, and studied illustration in Bath before going on to a career as an illustrator in the UK.

Alastair Taylor – In No Particular Order.

“For most of that time I had no inclination to paint in my spare time, having spent the whole week drawing,” he said.

“But eventually the idea of art for art’s sake began to appeal and I started to dabble.

“It was liberating, if a little scary, to start with a blank canvas and develop it in any way I wished, rather than come up with a concept to solve somebody else’s brief.”

In No Particular Order is showing until September 22.

Juniper Galleries is open 10am to 5pm weekends and weekdays by appointment.

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