Audio tours add to Pulse Perspectives AGWA experience

Dunja Rmandic. Picture: Andrew Ritchie d493359
Dunja Rmandic. Picture: Andrew Ritchie d493359

TODAY’S Year 12 students have never lived in a time without the internet or social media, and with the world at their fingertips, their artwork has changed to reflect this.

In turn, Art Gallery of WA has renamed its popular annual Year 12 Perspectives free exhibition to Pulse Perspectives, showing until July 22.

“The works tend to reflect a different kind of reality for the artists who are more politically and socially engaged,” curator Dunja Rmandic, of Northbridge, said.

“Young people are thinking about broader things in their communities and world, as opposed to the teenage angst that was very dominant at the beginning of Year 12 Perspectives (27 years ago).”

Pulse Perspectives features 46 works by 2018 Year 12 visual arts’ graduates from 31 schools at AGWA’s Centenary Galleries.

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Dunja Rmandic. Picture: Andrew Ritchie d493359

This year, an audio tour was recorded to add to the exhibition experience, which visitors can download from the AGWA website and listen to through their own headphones.

“People really want to hear from the artists but they can’t always make the artist talks so we decided to do an audio tour,” Rmandic said.

“These young people are really articulate and they express themselves so well.

“I think you get a greater insight into the reasons for the artist choosing their topic and the way they wanted to present their work.

“The recordings reveal a lot more than the intent behind the work.

“They’re really interesting, personable and you can get so much more from the tone of someone’s voice than you would from reading their words.”

Dunja Rmandic. Picture: Andrew Ritchie d493359

Rmandic recorded the introduction and conclusion to the audio tour, which along with the students includes messages from installation manager Giovanni Di Dio and artist Louise Dickmann.

Visitors to the exhibition are encouraged to vote for their favourite work before July 14 in the Act-Belong-Commit People’s Choice Award.

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