Caring for Perth roses in winter

Thriving roses in the garden.
Thriving roses in the garden.

NO other flower quite compares to the rose, with its distinct beauty, aroma, symbolism and fame throughout the ages.

Rob Melville of Melville’s Rose n Garden shares his 30-year-long knowledge of the beloved plant at the centre of his third-generation family-owned business.

Is winter a good time to plant roses?

Yes – because the rose gets to settle in before the summer. Autumn is better, but winter is next best.

How to care for roses in winter

Prune from July to August depending on how your plant is looking and make sure you take all old leaves off to stop any transfer of disease

Spray copper oxychloride after pruning to protect from fungi

Put a thick layer of sheep manure over your garden bed and put a thick layer of lupin mulch or pea hay over the manure

Fertilise when your roses have 5cm of new growth

Five best roses for Perth gardens

If everything is prepared properly, most roses will thrive in Perth but below are five we highly recommend:

Boscobel (David Austin)

Coeur de Neige (Delbard)

Foundation (Floribunda)

Pierre de Ronsard (climbing)

Brighter world (Hybrid Tea)

New species to try

A David Austin rose called the Lady Gardner

A hybrid tea called Fairytale Magic

Most popular roses right now

Fearless (Floribunda)

Princess Alexandra of Kent (David Austin)

Pink intuition (Delbard)

Rob’s favourite rose

Jubilee Celebration: a David Austin rose with very strong perfume and excellent repeat flowering of large apricot/pink blooms

Planting roses in pots

This is a great idea in Perth. Large pots are best and changing soil every five years is advisable.

Also mulch heavily and don’t let them dry out in summer.