Carrie on screaming

Heather Manley as Carrie. Picture: Andrew Ritchie d442070
Heather Manley as Carrie. Picture: Andrew Ritchie d442070

ANYONE would be correct in their assumption there is no professional music theatre scene in Guam.

This is why Heather Manley had to move overseas once choosing to combine her love of singing and dancing with a career in music theatre.

The decision has proven successful, with the third year WAAPA student starring in the title role of Carrie the Musical.

�Guam is actually closer to Australia than it is to the US,� Manley said.

�I did a dance course in LA and met a lot of Australians who I stayed connected with on Facebook.

�So when my dance teacher suggested I study in Australia, I contacted all my Australian friends asking them what the best school was for music theatre. Nearly every person answered with WAAPA.�

Manley said she was excited to hear her class would be performing Carrie the Musical as the last show before touring the east coast with their graduating showcase.

Based on Stephen King�s bestselling novel, the rock musical originally bombed in Stratford-upon-Avon and Broadway in 1988 before it was rewritten in 2012 and shaped as a more intimate tale of parental control, bullying and school politics during the 1970s.

�We have the updated 2012 version of Carrie,� Manley said.

�I thought it was such an incredible part because when would you ever get to have blood poured on you in a role?

�I was so excited when I found out I got it.

�I was with friends at their house waiting for the casting email to be sent and when it was I started crying, and then the neighbours knocked on the door worried there was a domestic going on because I was crying so loud.�

Manley said keeping the stage blood off other cast members and her microphone would be the biggest challenge.

�I�ve only worked with the blood for the poster and now this photo shoot,� she said.

�I�ll start more during tech week, so we�ll see then just how difficult it will be.�


What: Carrie the Musical

Where: Geoff Gibbs Theatre, WAAPA

When: August 22 to 29