Chisel’s hot date at Perth Arena

Cold Chisel.
Cold Chisel.

ANY musician hopes when joining a band that they are going to become a household name.

That is what Ian Moss dreamed when he answered a �guitarist wanted� ad in 1973 but never did he imagine what was later to become Cold Chisel would be where it is today, especially in 1983 when the band decided to take a break.

�I thought the fun was over and it was time to get a real job, get a trade, settle down and be responsible,� Moss said.

�It was quite a fearsome moment at the time because I don�t have a trade, all I know how to do is play guitar. And now here we are all these years later and it just seems to be getting stronger.�

Set to release a new album in September, a follow-up to 2012�s No Plans, Cold Chisel has announced itsbiggest Australian tour in four years, with One Night Stand bringing the band to Perth Arena for the first time on November 14.

However, despite the new tracks Moss said fans could expect a well-rounded show.

�Chisel has such a vast catalogue and we�ve kind of concluded that there�re 14 songs we have to play because we wouldn�t get out of the building alive if we didn�t,� he said.

�So that only leaves room for about five or six more songs each night.

�Between those six we�ll divvy up maybe three or four from the new album and then listen to people�s feedback and pick a couple of songs we haven�t done for a long time.

One Long Day is my all-time favourite Cold Chisel song from the first album. We�ve been rehearsing that one and it�s sounding good, so there�s a chance that�ll get a run which it hasn�t for years.�

Moss said people were astounded when they heard it took five years before the pub rockers even got a sniff of interest from a record company.

And even then, things did not really take off until their 1980 third album, East.

�We started to see the queues around the block and having to turn people away when the venues got full,� he said.

�Then there was the brief trip we took to the United States in July 1981, where we had great gigs and audiences. It was a shame we didn�t stay there longer and slog that one out.

�In those days you couldn�t go to music school to learn how to write songs or put on a performance. You figured it out for yourself gradually and it was so rewarding.�

The Living End has been announced as special guests for the Perth Arena show and Moss said the band had similarities to Cold Chisel, despite them leaning towards the rockabilly end of the scale.

�They have tonnes of energy and will kick-start the night,� he said.

�We�ll have to make sure we�re up to scratch because I know they�ll want to blow us off the stage and we�ll have to blow them off the stage right back.�


What: Cold Chisel � One Night Stand

Where: Perth Arena

When: Saturday, November 14