Choralfest bringing harmony to Fremantle


THE streets and buildings of Fremantle will be alive with the sound of choral music as Choralfest comes to WA for the first time in 25 years from April 13 to 16.

The biennial Australian National Choral Association event will feature 45 local, national and international choirs.

“It’s choral music for everybody,” Choralfest manager Luke Donohoe, of Nedlands, said.

“There are performances ranging from choirs for kids all the way up to professional choirs.

“There are local choirs from WA, a choir from Botswana coming, pop-up concerts, barbershop, lectures and talks ranging on topics from education to arts management.

“Choralfest has more choral things than you can poke a stick at; some are paid and there are some that are free.”

Donohoe, who is also the president of Perth-based choir Voyces performing at the music event, said he really hoped people enjoyed this festival of choral music.

“I know that sounds clichd, but a lot of hard work goes in to these types of things and it’s not just me, there’s an amazing team putting it together,” he said.

“I think we just really want people to come away with some excitement about choral music in this state.

“We hope you come away with a renewed vigour on what choral music can be and that it’s not necessarily stuffy church music.”

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