Circus gets an urban twist with 360 Allstars at Fringe World

360 Allstars, Gene Peterson second from left
Picture: Bruce Hunt d490269
360 Allstars, Gene Peterson second from left Picture: Bruce Hunt d490269

MUSICIAN Gene Peterson spent enough time working on other people’s shows that he accidentally gained the experience to make his own.

The result was 360 Allstars, a reinvention of traditional circus where the twist comes from replacing stereotype circus art forms with contemporary street urban style, performed with video projection and to a live soundtrack.

“Instead of acrobats we have break dancers, instead of a juggler there is a basketball freestyler, instead of a unicyclist there is a BMX rider and so on,” director, music director and drummer Peterson said.

“And it’s 360 so all these art forms feature a rotation of 360 degrees performed by Allstars, who are the best in the world at their individual discipline.

“It really is an international dream team cast.”

The show has been on tour for the past seven years in theatres and festivals, ranging from regional and remote communities in outback Australia to performing on Broadway at Times Square in New York.

There have been sold-out seasons at Edinburgh and Adelaide Fringe and a stint in Alaska in the middle of winter.

360 Allstars is ticking their first Fringe World off their list of accomplishments with a premiere season at Teatro, The Woodside Pleasure Garden until February 10.

“This tour now is 100 shows around Australia and is the beginning of our next world tour,” Peterson said.

“We’ve very early on in our Australian leg, which is 100 shows in 114 days and then from that we go back to Europe and America and continue for the next 18 months around the globe.”

Peterson said despite Fringe World featuring many fantastic circus acts, 360 Allstars sat in its own box within that multidisciplinary, circus- physical theatre genre.

“It’s a full feast for the senses and for all ages,” he said.

“I’ve been touring with these guys now for seven years and still can’t figure out how they do what they do.

“And I have the best seat in the house from my drum kit. I get to watch them perform and then see the audience reaction too.”


What: 360 Allstars

Where: Teatro, The Woodside Pleasure Garden

When: Until February 10