The Man And The Moon. Fringe World Festival

St John Cowcher in The Man And The Moon.
St John Cowcher in The Man And The Moon.

HIGHGATE performer and playwright St John Cowcher’s absence from last year’s Fringe World program inspired him to write one-man show The Man And The Moon for Fringe World 2016.

“I saw a show, while I was in Indiana about a year ago, by a guy called Ethan Lipton that was a mixture of storytelling and great music and I thought ‘I want to do that’,” Cowcher said.

“I also have a fascination and love for the moon; it’s the beautiful duality of romantic symbol but also pragmatic scientific interest. I think it has been and continues to be fertile ground for creative investigation.”

Cowcher teamed with director Mark Storen, dramaturge Adam Mitchell and sound designer Brett Smith for the story of self-discovery about a man (played by Cowcher) whose life has lost its shine.

“It’s a bit like wandering into a smoky jazz club in downtown New York and watching a dishevelled man tell you his life story while he sings funny and sad songs to you,” Cowcher said.

“It’s got super fun music and a manic humour to it.”

A three-piece jazz band featuring Smith on saxophone and percussion, Djuna Lee on double bass and Gabe Fatin on piano backs Cowcher.

“I spent a lot of my youth listening to Dizzy Gillespie, Stan Getz and Fats Waller and then when I got older a bunch of Tom Waits and Van Morrison,” he said.

“I think I also imagined wanting to be like Tom Waits when I got older, all sharp one liners and gruff worldliness.”

Cowcher said The Man And The Moon was a story of unrequited love with the joys and challenges that come with it.

“Sometimes the love you can’t obtain or struggle to obtain can change you for the better and the journey can teach you more than you could ever realise,” he said.

“We want to break your heart and make you laugh in equal measure, and then maybe have a drink with you afterwards.”


What: The Man And The Moon

Where: The Blue Room Theatre

When: February 2 to 6