Environmentally-friendly choices in backyard renovations

Broadway Homes courtyard.
Broadway Homes courtyard.

MOST Perth people think about the right now rather than the long-term impact of what they’re putting around the home, says Adrian Mason of decking brand, Trex.

But, with a little consideration, we can make a big difference not only to the outdoor aesthetic, but also the environment.

Adrian tells us how we can make environmentally-friendly choices in our backyard renovations.

What are some easy eco-choices for our yards?

– Use plants that thrive in the local environment such as banksia and lemon trees, aloe vera, wattle, or ferns in pots

– Save existing plants by relocation or propagating using cuttings

– Install a rainwater tank – you can get some great tanks for small backyards

– Choose your feature wisely and give it two purposes – if building a deck, use a system to turn your deck into a water-collection area as well as a functional entertaining space that requires little maintenance (no chemical staining or run-off as traditional timber decks do)

– Dig out run-off areas so when we get our bad Perth rains, the water travels downhill or out of your backyard as you want it to, saving any plants

– Use your outdoor area year-round. The cost-per-use of a backyard or courtyard goes way down if you use it year-round. Add a fire pit, deck undercover, water-resistant furniture or even outdoor televisions to make your space functional no matter the season

Is it expensive?

When you think of the long-term impact on wallets and the environment, there really isn’t a choice between choosing eco-friendly and not.

Plus, most of the above tips can be done DIY if you are handy (or make a fun day of it with friends and family). And if you’re not handy, you can easily call on a professional to do it right the first time and teach you how for next time.