Erica Allia an accessories girl

ALLIA Designs jewellery from the Glam Power collection.
ALLIA Designs jewellery from the Glam Power collection.

ERICA Allia has always been an accessories girl.

Growing up in the Scarborough area by the beach and dabbling in design, art, writing and painting, she has had several brands over the years.

Now based between Perth and Bali, her latest focus is ALLIA Designs; jewellery for confident women with an individual sense of style and glamour.

ALLIA Designs jewellery from the Glam Power collection.

“Allia is my family surname and I am so proud to be using my name that links my label to my very strong Italian roots,” Erica said.

“My brand evolved in a very organic, natural way and started while helping a friend with her brand, visiting some makers and suppliers, and I am happy with the way it is growing steadily and gaining recognition.

“The aesthetics and style is very much coming from who I am as a designer and a person – quirky and stylish and with a passion to create luxury costume jewellery.”

Known as the “arty” one in her family, Erica indulged her creative side while embracing a love of sport.

“My family are huge AFL supporters so I thought it would be fun and cool to make some glam jewellery for women following their sports team,” she said.

“My pieces caught the eye of a few footballers’ and basketball wives, and coaches’ wives, in the USA.

“I ended up making made-to-order pieces for them and I’m looking at furthering this in 2020.”

ALLIA Designs jewellery from the Glam Power collection.

Erica’s current influences are hip-hop music and 80s-90s pop art.

“All our jewellery is ethically handmade by our team of women beaders in the villages in Java,” she added.

“The idea that my designs and visions can come to life and also support these women makes me both grateful and blessed.”

Erica recently launched online boutique featuring cuffs, earrings, anklets and choker necklaces.

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