Everybody needs good Neighbours like Bachelor Tim Robards

Tim Robards.
Tim Robards.

TIM Robards’ personal life may have been under the spotlight since becoming the first Bachelor Australia, but fans unknowingly saw him on the big screen long before then.

“I was Keanu Reeves’ stand-in and body double for The Matrix 2 and 3,” Robards said.

“It was a big gig getting to work with the directors and sometimes brushing shoulders with Keanu Reeves.

“I think that triggered my excitement for acting, but I was studying chiropractic at uni and to think about dropping it all to do acting wasn’t an option then.

“Over time I’ve started believing in myself and having a crack at some of the more uncertain things in life, so I started going to acting classes at the beginning of the year.”

When his agent asked if Robards wanted his name put forward for the role of wealthy businessman Pierce Greyson on Neighbours, the Sydneysider decided he was ready, despite auditions being the week before he and Anna Heinrich travelled to Italy in June to get married.

“Two days after we got back I was down in Melbourne to start filming this role on Neighbours, flying back and forth every weekend to spend time with Anna,” Robards said.

“It was definitely a different start when you have to live apart straight after your wedding, but Anna was super supportive and would help me with my lines.”

Robards said his character was intelligent and hard to read because he kept his thoughts close to his chest.

“He’s come to Erinsborough to do some investing and might also be open to a bit of romance along the way,” he said.

Despite not watching Neighbours much since his teenage years, Robards said he was excited to meet long-time characters Karl Kennedy, Paul Robinson and Toadie.

“I set up a chiropractic couch on set and had all the cast members coming in to get treatment,” he said,

“I’ve been travelling a bit lately and have been mixing it up when they ask for your occupation.

“Sometimes it’s doctor of chiropractic, other times it’s actor or writer. I wear a lot of hats these days and I love it.”

Robards is on Neighbours from October 5.