Five Bedrooms gives WAAPA grad Roy Joseph first major TV role

Roy Joseph, Katie Robertson, Stephen Peacocke, Kat Stewart and Doris Younane.
Roy Joseph, Katie Robertson, Stephen Peacocke, Kat Stewart and Doris Younane.

THERE are many unexpected casting achievements in 26-year-old actor Roy Joseph’s life, from being the voice of God in his Year 7 school production to playing Anne Frank’s father in WAAPA’s 2017 The Diary of Anne Frank.

“In the real world it’s unlikely that I would ever get to play Otto Frank,” Joseph said.

“That was my absolute favourite and an incredible experience to get to do that.”

Skye Beker (Mt Lawley) and Roy Joseph (Dianella) in WAPPA production, The Diary of Anne Frank. Picture: Andrew Ritchie d468306f

Joseph’s most recent resume achievement is landing his first major television role as Harry in Ten’s new series Five Bedrooms.

Filmed in Melbourne, the show follows the lives of five people, grouped on a singles table at a wedding, who decide to throw social convention out the window and buy a house together.

The ensemble cast also features Kat Stewart, Stephen Peacocke, Doris Younane and Katie Robertson with Hugh Sheridan and Kate Jenkinson in supporting roles.

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Roy Joseph, Doris Younane, Katie Robertson, Kat Stewart and Stephen Peacocke.

“It’s absolutely wild and I keep pinching myself, especially because of the other actors who I’m working with,” Joseph said.

“Harry and Liz (Stewart) are best friends and soul mates and we get to explore a love story that is different to the usual love story we see.

“It’s absolutely a love story between them; it’s just a different type of love.”

Joseph, whose family moved from Israel to Dianella when he was six months old, said the beauty of the show was seeing people of varying ages and backgrounds come together.

Each has their own reason for leading them to the house where comedy and drama ensues.

“Harry is 30, works as a plastic surgeon and still lives at home,” he said.

“He is gay and that’s something we find out at the beginning of the series, so it’s not a spoiler.

“We see him going on a journey of figuring out how to be honest with his mother about that because she is a very traditional Indian woman who just wants grandchildren and tries to set him up with other Indian girls.

“The core of Harry is figuring out how to be strong in who he is.”

Hugh Sheridan, Katie Robertson, Roy Joseph, Kat Stewart and Stephen Peacocke.

The character-driven relationship ‘dramedy’, filmed from the end of January until mid-April, tracks the first six months of their fresh start.

“The writing is so good that it just jumps off the page,” Joseph said.

“I’m totally exhausted but feel constantly exhilarated getting to live my dream.”

Five Bedrooms screens on Ten from Wednesday, May 15.

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