Fringe World prepares for The Greatest Magic Show!

Sam Hume and Justin Williams in The Greatest Magic Show!
Sam Hume and Justin Williams in The Greatest Magic Show!

MOST magicians will tell you that about 10 things go wrong in every magic show, says comic-illusionist Sam Hume.

The real trick is disguising the mishaps so no one notices.

“Things go wrong in our act – The Greatest Magic Show! – all the time and there is a lot of making things up on the go and fixing things,” the 20-year-old Melbournian said.

“If you don’t realise it then we are doing our show right.”

Hume, who performs with fellow magician, Justin Williams, said it was thrilling to think on his feet.

“Every show is different, especially with this one because there are a lot of kids coming up to volunteer and they’re the stars of the show, and we never know what we are going to get, which is awesome,” he said.

Hume began learning tricks at the age of 12, starting with simple card acts.

“Magic was something I could do, that not all my friends could do,” he said.

“It made me stand out and made it easier to talk to people.

“Then once I got a bit older, I started doing events like birthday parties and festivals and realised I could get paid for my passion.”

The Greatest Magic Show! debuted at the Melbourne Magic Festival in 2018 to sell-out crowds, then went on to feature at Melbourne Fringe with more sold-out performances.

The all-ages act includes juggling, flying and levitation and each child receives a free magic wand on entry.

Hume and Williams will launch the show in Perth for Fringe World Festival.



What: The Greatest Magic Show!

When: January 19-26

Where: De Parel Spiegeltent, The Pleasure Garden, Northbridge